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Save Vietnam visa fee when book a halong cruise tour from Hanoi

The mistreatment of (the vast majority of) the Vietnamese towards the tourist deserves a separate chapter. I never felt like this in any country I visited in my life ,however, Vietnam Halong bay is amazing and nobody should miss it.

I personally had a very bad time because the first day of the tour they opened my backpack and my cell phone was stolen. We were on the boat, we braked in front of a cave, all the passengers got off (leaving the backpacks on the boat), we walked half an hour through the cave and climbed back up. In that half hour, the guide, the captain and local people were left (especially street vendors) next to our luggage. When I returned my cell phone had disappeared. I may be at fault because I left it in the only pocket that had no padlock (I appreciate that my computer was padlocked and my camera with me). When I approached the guide and told him that someone had stolen my cell phone, he responded with a very bad tone: "NO, nobody steals, I was watching all the time and I did not see anything", sure, sure ... He did not tell me, Even if it is (even if it lies) "tell me how it was, tell me how I can help you, do not worry we'll see if we can find it", he spat at me with a disgusted face and added that it must have fallen out of my pocket (I showed him that my pants did not have pockets), that I should have warned him that he left a cell phone in his backpack (?) and then he even told me that he was inventing a cell phone that I never really had. We ended up shouting with the ten Vietnamese stranded on the boat who looked at me almost smiling sarcastically and the passengers saying nothing. I felt so bad but so bad that I went to mourn alone in a corner praying that the tour would pass as quickly as possible. It's a cell phone, I do not care anymore, what bothers me a lot is that they treat me as a liar and talk to me that way. I asked the guide to write me the name of the boat and the registration number since I was going to the Police. He said "do you want me to pay for your cell phone?" (Obviously with irony and bad tone) and I said "yes" (with irony too) and there he began to tell me how little money he earns per day and blah blah.

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