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Cambodian specialties also include monumental casinos that open through the night. Traveling to Cambodia without "post card" is super sad. Naga World is the city's central casino which attracts the most visitors. Here you'll find card games from a variety of countries and play a variety of different types in each area. You will wonder why the ceiling of these casinos often draw the sky is not dark. Local people say that the ceiling creates a hallucination for guests to hit their heads up to the ceiling, they will feel the sun is not down the mountain, soon bored so let's continue the red and black life. However, if you do not understand the rules, do not try these adventures.

From the hotel, you can rent a tuk tuk to move to the central business district or night market. This is an easy way to find in Cambodia and the price of chestnuts should be the most popular. Even a tuk tuk tour around the capital is only about $4 for a group of about 3 people.

If you want to skip through the night, you should spend the evening at the Cambodia holiday package including Night Market located at the Sisowath pier. Operating from 5 pm to midnight, this market attracts many tourists shopping, sightseeing. You will find a lot of foot massage services with chairs on the sidewalk, the car vitamins with huge cups to drink forever, fried insect car sales, sweet and salty sandwiches , barbecues and beer. Many small bars open the music with the tables are in barrels are very wild and young.

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