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Ha Giang loop from Hanoi

Referring to Ha Giang, there is a saying that people love to often translate each other that: Every season is beautiful. Indeed, if in October, the land of Ha Giang sunk in the color of triangle flower circuit; When Tet arrives, cherry blossoms, plum blossoms are blooming on each wall of the Cat family, when the summer, Ha Giang season floods, terraced rice terraces print color sky lasting endless to anyone. must praise praise.

There is a Ha Giang flood season

I decided to go to Ha Giang in June, when the rice has grown yellow flowers all over the field in the downstream, eagerly watching the rice season on the Northwest terraced fields. But when we came, the fields were just strange water. The cat said, this is Ha Giang season of water.

Each year, the Miao only plant one crop of rice crop, harvest in September. In May, when it turns to June, spring to summer with the heavy rain, water poured from the high fields will fall down. Low land, forming a "water tower" from the top to the far foot of the mountain. The season lasts until the end of July but in May - June, when the transplant season begins to be the best.

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