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visiting ethnic minorities in ha giang

For ethnic people living in the land of the motherland, no joy than bumper harvest. Therefore, the cat "study" very meticulous, how to in the water season to pour water on the field just enough to sow seeds, when to remove the water to paddy soil to germinate.

In the flood season, villagers in the area are reluctant to embank dams, near shore, preparing to prepare water for new crop. In addition to rainwater, they connect bamboo shoots from the mountain to provide water to the field to soak the soil before sowing. The cats say they have to watch the rain to make the copper, even the rain in the evening, so that they can keep water in the rice fields just enough to grow the rice.

We are fortunate to have a Sunday, the only day of the Cat on the market in the week after the farm days. The market is not only the place where girls dating place but also where they prepare new clothes, buy and sell the exchange of "made by the house". Coming to the market, you will be immersed in the unique culture of the highland with brilliant colors of brocade clothes, cats hissing at the side of the sale from fruit to cattle

Source: Vietnam family holidays all inclusive

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