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Excursion among the nomads in the Zagros mountains: Iran Travel

We decide to follow Caroline for a day + a night in the mountains of Zagros, to meet the nomads who take shelter there during the summer because it is too hot along the Persian Gulf. On the program, a day of hiking with a few stops at nomads scattered around. The mountains are beautiful, dotted with wild herbs, especially dill, which must give a particularly tasty to the sheep of the region! The nomads have indeed large flocks of sheep and goats, but also hives. We are witnessing the manual mowing of sheep, we drop a dry goat cheese parsley (it must come from the dill), we attend the mowing of wild dill, hunting partridge, we are invited to drink the tea, we eat vegetarian (aubergines, tomatoes and bread, finally !! there are tired of kebabs) ... It's cool but we would have still preferred a little more hiking, and especially we are not too used to meet the people in this way, a little arranged according to us, even if our guide is local. We spend the night in a tent, with multiple blankets provided by our hosts, the parents of our guide. He decided to live in the city while his parents continue their nomadic life; we just hope he redistributes a little money he touches tourists like us ...

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