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Shiraz Travel, Iran

In Shiraz we stay at the BB hotel which is really cool. Double bed, inner courtyard, very clean and large communal showers, practical kitchen during Ramadan .... We visit the pink mosque (Nasir al-Mok) known for these colorful stained glass, illuminating the interior of the rooms in the morning and pink ceramics. This will be one of our favorite mosque. In addition we will be entitled to a free guided tour with a guide perfectly speaking English and giving a level of information really remarkable. We visit the Qavan house and its park and we walk around the citadel Karim Khan.

We also visit the tomb of the poet Hafez, all marble. It is beautiful, but without explanations on the life of the poet, one begins to weary to pay for the visit of this kind of monuments. The next day we decide to go back to nature, we will see the "pink lake" with a couple of Dutch, about twenty km from Shiraz. It is a salty lake whose color is rather impressive, but we doubt the quality of the water and salt extracted, knowing a little about the Iranian purification system.

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