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travel to desert of Iran

Alex had found a family-run guest house in Varzaneh, a small village between Isfahan and Yazd. So we leave in the direction of Reza's house (an important and busy man who will be taking time for us). For this trip we will be accompanied by our new acolyte Caroline.

We have not yet set foot in the village that we are acceuilli by Al Umbrella (sorry for the truncation of first name but it is our means of memory that remained). He introduces himself as Reza's brother and leads us to our new base camp, Chapaker Hotel. Al Umbrella the farmer turned into a cook for lack of water shows us a local fish farm (yes, you read correctly ...). The water from the fish farm comes from very deep wells and is salty, therefore unsuitable for cultivation. By cons the salmon grow well in this desert region. They are clever Iranians.

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