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iran travel to the desert

In the afternoon we visit a traditional well where the water is raised by an ox with a bump. This brave animal descends and ascends to the songs of his master and of himself only. No need for a baton to put this musicophilic animal into action. We also visit a Zoroastrian temple (anemistic / monotheistic religion that preceded Islam) and we go to a salt desert.

On the road our driver Fahrad (older brother of Reza, we warned you that it was family) gives us a course of sand removal. His Paykan is too low to pass in the wet tracks of trucks carrying salt (it rained and even hailed during the trip while we keep repeating that the region lacks water ...

In the evening after surf / snow / sandboard and duck on the dunes we are entitled to a barbecue of kings in this desert. Even desert foxes will have something to eat. These friends with four legs seem to know the plan. Oh, I forgot to tell you, we are also accompanied by Katia, her little stunt girl Marji and their friendly Iranian guide called Tartenpion. With Caroline we stay just all 3 sleeping in the desert for a poorly starry night.

Source: Iran tour and travel from America

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