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Travel to Iran's Yazd

Arriving in Yazd we go to Kalout Hotel, very well located. the courtyard is clouded, the room comfortable and the manager a little "divooneh" (crazy in Farsi), or rather original. The place besides being nice allows us to meet many other travelers of different nationalities. To share, to discuss with them strengthens us in our desire to travel and also refines the mode of travel that we wish to take. Our two days in the city are divided between the Friday mosque (still one), the bazaar and its labyrinthine streets, the silent towers and the fire temple (Zoroastrian temple with museum giving an idea of ​​the rites of religion). We also have lunch at the Café de Paris, a small restaurant run by Cyrus and his wife. Both lived in France, she is Greek and he is Iranian. We talk for a long time about the situation of Iran, indeed there is so much to say and especially to say again ... By the way, the Cyrus sandwich are really worth seeing.


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