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Travel Tehran Iran

Our first day in Iran begins with a nap on the sofas of our hotel ... as we landed very early and the procedure for our Iran visa took place faster than expected at the airport, we arrive at the hotel around 4am, we wake up the manager. The manager is super nice, he does not blame us for waking up in the middle of the night and even offers us to prepare a room ... we tell him that the sofas will suffice and pionce until about 7am.

At that moment we decided to go and feel the pulse of this enormous capital located in a basin at the edge of a large mountain chain whose peaks are encoenneigé.
We are headed to the bazaar. We arrive at 8am, there are not many people except merchants who are opening their shops or cleaning the pavement and also men who transport goods to shops, most with cash big carts. We make our way through all this, we stroll a little, then we decide to have a coffee, because we really have our head in the bag.

We sit down to drink our coffee next to a gentleman who sits on a bench and we start talking in English, we talk about Iran, especially politics, then he takes us on a tour of the neighborhood. There he offers us a trip to Qamsar to see the festival of roses with his family the next morning! We were told about the incredible hospitality of the Iranians, it starts well. We have nothing planned, so we accept his proposal, appointment is made for the next day at 6am at our hotel.

In the morning as planned we embark with Navab, his wife Camelia and his sister for the festival of roses (they are really top these Iranians). PS: These are false names that we give them to avoid problems. Who knows ? Big Ayatollah is watching you!
On the road we are joined by other members of their family. In Qamsar we are entitled to a tasting. We taste every sweets imaginable, sugar, sugar and sugar!


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