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The next day we leave by bus to Isfahan, one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. We stay at Amir Kabilr Hostel, which was advised by a lot of people. The hotel is cool, we meet plenty of backpackers with whom we can exchange our good deals, including Roberto, a Chilean cyclist, who invites us to visit him in Santiago de Chile. We walk on the 2nd largest square in the world, Imam Square, it slams! We visit the blue-domed mosque in the square and taste the beryani, a specialty of the city that Ben loves. To visit the rest of the city, we trust the travel guide "Le petit futé 2016" not very smart from us because the information is completely wrong to ask if it is not done so much everything is next to the plaque. Basically, we walked 12 km in the wind. Finally this micro-galley makes us meet Madeleine. She invites us directly to eat at home with all her family the next afternoon, Friday, the Sunday of the Iranians. Alex takes the opportunity to ask if it can help cook, it's ok, that's it, a first Iranian recipe in your pocket: the Ghormeh sabzi! Delicious ! And once again the Iranian hospitality is at its max, it is even entitled to a second typical dish before leaving, a soup the Ash, even if you are already completely full ... but difficult to refuse.

Before we go to Madeleine, we visit the mosque on Friday, the most beautiful mosque in Iran according to us, even if it is less colorful. Incredible architectural details, domes with different patterns that follow one after the other. It took several centuries to build it against only 26 years for that of Imam square, we understand better why in rapturous every 2 minutes.

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